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Conrad’s love of cross-country spans over 30 years. He learnt to ski whilst serving as an Officer in the British Army, specialising in winter warfare and Arctic survival. Upon leaving the Army, Conrad continued his skiing and joined numerous expeditions to Greenland (4 times), Iceland, Spitzbergan, Yukon (Mount Logan), Sierra Nevada (California), Siberia and Sweden. In addition, for the last 20 years, Conrad and Hilary, (his wife) have made an annual pilgrimage to Norway during winter to enjoy their sport. Conrad leads an expedition to Norway most years.

In 2004/2005, Conrad, and a party of 4 (including his wife) skied unsupported from the edge of the Antarctic Continent to the South Pole in 52 days and then after a change of skis and a re-supply of food and fuel kited back to the edge of the Antarctic Continent in 17 days. This followed on from his crossing of the Greenland Icecap in 2003.


Richard is an Arctic skiing legend and Polar guide. He represented Canada for 5 years in cross-country skiing at National level. His knowledge of the High Arctic is second to none and he has taken part in many major international expeditions; including the Steger dog sledge expedition to the North Pole in 1986, (see National Geographic Magazine); the Russian/Canadian team that traversed the Arctic Ocean in 1988 and most famously his unsupported expedition to the North Pole and BACK with Misha Malakhov in 1995 – a feat that has never been repeated. This has been described as “the greatest feat in Polar history”. Richard has led or participated in more than 45 Arctic expeditions and has two books to his credit, Polar Bridge and Polar Attack.

He currently runs Canadian Arctic Holidays that operate Arctic Watch, Canada’s most northerly adventure resort on Somerset Island in the Northwest Passage.

He lives with his wife Hilary a keen triathlete in rural Northumberland, where he enjoys fell running and mountain marathons. Whenever he gets the chance he loves to go telemark skiing in the Alps and also Munro “bagging” in Scotland. Conrad and Hilary have two children Laura and Joel. Conrad is 50 years old.
He lives in Quebec with his wife Josée, an ex Canadian National cross-country ski team member and they have two kids Tessum and Nansen.

Richards’s grandparents lived in Northumberland, which gave a common bond for Conrad and Richard to join forces. Richard is 46 years old